Wood Pellets (96 Bag Pallet Load)

Hayes Woodgem Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets (96 Bag Pallet Load)


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Product Description

Hayes Fuels offer bagged premium ENA1 wood pellets suitable for use in pellet stoves and small boilers. Our bagged wood pellets are made from 100% Debarked Coniferous Virgin Wood and produce low ash content and high calorific value. Our bagged premium wood pellets are EN plus certified and BSL authorised and come in small 10KG bags that are easy to lift and handle. Our bags can be delivered on full pallets to across the UK or Ireland with each pallet containing 96 bags that can be easily stored in garages or sheds. Pallets are purchased with a protective wrapping to prevent weather damage to the bags during transportation.


    Looking for some help?

    • Do we deliver direct to homes?
      We deliver coal products to all households throughout Northern Ireland (Please check postcode to see do we deliver to your area).
    • What is the best fuel for multifuel stoves?
      Most stove manufacturers recommend that only smokeless fuel products are used in their appliances and we recommend our smokeless product Glolite as it gives off plenty of heat and is long lasting. Some customers still prefer to burn bituminous coal in their stove. In all cases please refer to your stove manufacturers handbook for more information.
    • What types of smokeless coals are available?
      Smokeless coal products are generally one of two types, natural or manufactured. Natural smokeless coal, otherwise referred to as Anthracite, is mined in the same way as bituminous coal but is smokeless in nature while a manufactured smokeless ovoid is made from the fines of smokeless products. These products are blended together with a binding agent and made into an ovoid product that is uniform in size and shape. For further information you can view our product guide.
    • What is the best smokeless fuel for open fires?
      Our recommendation as a smokeless fuel for an open fire is our Glolite smokeless ovoid product that is a clean burning fuel that burns to a fine ash. For further information or to try an alternative product you can view our product guide.

    Why choose Kingsberry Fuels?

    We source the finest products to meet your fuel needs. All products are quality checked and graded to guarantee satisfaction with your order.

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