Solid fuel guide

Kingsberry Fuels offer products to suit a wide range of appliances

An open fire is the simplest type of solid fuel appliance but whilst it’s hard to beat an open fire for that warm inviting homey feeling, it isn’t the most energy efficient method to burn solid fuel. Closed appliances, such as multi-fuel and/or wood burning stoves, are much more efficient and have become very popular over the last number of years.

Solid fuel can also be used in some room heaters, stoves, cookers and boilers, and also in more complex systems such as gravity fed boilers that can provide heating and hot water for an entire house.

Whatever type of appliance you have, rest assured that Kingsberry Fuels have the right solid fuel for your system. Why not check out our coal section for guidance on the best products for each type of appliance. You will also find a short description and typical characteristics of each of our products.

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